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How to Tell if It’s a Genuine Opal Ring

It’s no secret that a unique and well-crafted opal ring can take an outfit from great to outstanding and is always a real show stopping and timeless piece of jewellery. With many opals being created synthetically or being sourced from wet climates to reduce costs, it’s important to know what to look for when you’re purchasing your newest opal so you end up with a genuine opal ring investment piece and not costume jewellery. The signs that set synthetic and

How To Care For Your Opal Necklace

Opals, like the pendant or stones in your opal necklace, are beautiful gems that you will want to keep sparkling and shimmering for generations. Opal necklaces make fine jewellery that you can enjoy for a lifetime and continue passing down as a heirloom for your family to treasure and enjoy. On the Mohs hardness scale – the opal is between 5.5 – 6.5. Irrespective of the fact that opals are fine gemstones - it is easy to take care of

Why Boulder Opals Make Great Gifts!

A Brief History Boulder opal is a super vibrant, unique and unusual gemstone. It is mined underground, generally in open cut mines, and found in various sized ironstone boulders. Thus, the opal is known as ‘boulder opal.' These variants of opals were first discovered in the year 1869 in central Queensland, Australia - near a small town called Blackall. However, it gained massive impetus in the gemstone industry during the 1890s after being introduced in the European market. Boulder Opal


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