A Brief History

Boulder opal is a super vibrant, unique and unusual gemstone. It is mined underground, generally in open cut mines, and found in various sized ironstone boulders. Thus, the opal is known as ‘boulder opal.’ These variants of opals were first discovered in the year 1869 in central Queensland, Australia – near a small town called Blackall. However, it gained massive impetus in the gemstone industry during the 1890s after being introduced in the European market.

Boulder Opal – Second Most Valuable Gemstone In The World

The Australian boulder opal is second to black opal on the ‘valuable scale.’ However, boulder opal is growing every day in its popularity. It has a distinctive appearance that opal lovers and the general public love.

These gems of brightly coloured veins of opal are formed in the fissures and cracks within the ironstone boulders. These veins, because of their idiosyncratic formation, lead to the display of playful colours – thereby – making the boulder opal one of the most giftable gemstones.

Why Boulder Opals Make Great Gifts?

When it comes to gemstones jewellery and gifts, opal is the popular choice because of its diversity and bright colours. Jewellery artists and designers swear by the authenticity, durability, and uniqueness of boulder opals. Jewellery artists like those at Boulder Opal Mines Australia design pendants, bracelets, necklace, rings and other pieces of jewellery solely with opals as the feature because the result is truly breathtaking. Apart from the elegance and visual enigma of the gemstone – opal is also thought to aid in the alleviation of depression.

The vibrant colours and hues that it exudes initiate various healing processes. The opals are said to not only provide mental enhancement but also help in the ease of pain associated with intestinal organs, lower back, and the abdomen.

Thus, boulder opal is not only a fabulous gifting gemstone but also a powerful component that promotes mental and physical health.