Opals, like the pendant or stones in your opal necklace, are beautiful gems that you will want to keep sparkling and shimmering for generations. Opal necklaces make fine jewellery that you can enjoy for a lifetime and continue passing down as a heirloom for your family to treasure and enjoy.

On the Mohs hardness scale – the opal is between 5.5 – 6.5. Irrespective of the fact that opals are fine gemstones – it is easy to take care of your opal as long as you have the knowledge on how to do so.

Different Types of Opal Necklace

Before you clean your opal necklace, make sure to determine the type of opal used in your jewellery. There are three types of opals –

  1. Doublets – These are double layered, with a black backing and a thin layer of opal.
  2. Triplets – These are triple layered stones – with the third layer being transparent, made of either glass or quartz.
  3. Solid – These are natural opals that have nothing enhanced or attached. All that has been done to this opal is it has been cut into shape and polished by the opal specialist.

How to clean an opal necklace?

If your opal necklace is of solid variant, then make sure to clean it with care and subtleness. Use a solution of warm water and if you feel required, you can add in a mild detergent. With the solution, gently clean the necklace with a soft piece of cloth. Do NOT use chemicals, cleaners, bleach or even ultrasonic cleaners when cleaning or polishing your solid opal.

If your opal necklace is made from doublet or triplet opal, then clean it very similarly to a solid opal. However, when doing so, it is important you do not soak the doublet or triplet opal in water. Simply wipe them down with the damp cloth, and polish dry following.

How to best store your opal necklace?

In our personal opinion, the best way to care for your opal is to show it off by wearing it.

But for those times that it is just sitting in a jewellery box, generally you will find it is a safe environment. Just be sure to choose an area that is not overheated or under a hot light. If it will be stored away for a prolonged period – we recommend it be placed in a plastic bag, along with a damp cloth and sealed. This process will prevent the gemstone from getting dehydrated.