About Australian Opals

It gives us great pleasure to work with  opals. Australian opal is beautiful and unique.

We love the thought that the colours which excite us all, are drops of ancient water, captured and preserved an individual remnant of our ancient land.

Nature has captured all the colours of the spectrum displaying them in infinite variety in this rare Gemstone -opal.

A large portion of Australia’s inland was once covered by sea, leaving deposits and creating an environment suitable for the formation of opal.

Opal lies dormant in the earth in remote parts of Australia, until a miner seeks to expose the gem with the most beautiful dancing display of colour.

About Opal: Types of Opal

Natural Opal is divided into the categories of black, dark, light, boulder and matrix opal.

Western Queensland is renowned for boulder opal and boulder matrix opal of extraordinary quality.

This beautiful variety of opal is a formation of silica that has filled the cracks and crevices of sandstone and ironstone boulders.

It is distinguished by its large variety and brilliance of colour, and also known for its freeform shapes.

About Opal: Valuing  Opal

Boulder opal comes in many varieties from black to crystal. 

The value of opal is based on many criteria.

Included are the brilliance and amount of colours, the type and desirability of the pattern, as well as the aesthetics of the shape.

Among professional gemologists the word is that opals are considered among the hardest to value, with many years of experience required, and diamonds the easiest.


Australia produces diamonds (white and coloured), sapphires in many hues, rubies and many other gems, but we have only one national gemstone… and it is… yes… you guessed it…OPAL

Australian opal
about Australian opal

Opals of Australia