These unique Opal earrings have a ribbon of sparkling bright lime green opal through the natural tan sandstone.

The beautiful colours just shimmer and glow on movement……..just perfect for drop earrings.

These stunners are made from Pipe Opal.

Pipe Opal formed millions of years ago when organic matter(such as twigs and branches of trees) disintegrated leaving cavity’s that the liquid opal has filled. Sometimes pipe opal can be the most beautiful crystal opal colours ever seen.  The host rock is sand stone.

This natural formation of the host rock and opal allows us to create unique organic opal jewellery.

The opals have a highly polished surface and huge amounts of natural earthy character.

The earrings have been made from a natural split. We split one vein of opal to create a mirror image …a matching pair.

These one of a kind solid boulder opal earrings are set with anti-tarnish sterling silver in a drop from a hook style.

The Pipe Opal was mined in the Winton area and has been expertly hand shaped and polished by us to highlight the natural beauty of the opal.

Your opal earrings arrive to you packaged in a gift box.

Opal Earring Dimensions

The opal earrings  measure 38mm in entire length with opals alone measuring 20mm x 7mm at the widest.

Caring for your Opal Jewellery

Here are some simple but important things to keep your opal jewellery looking its best.

These opal earrings are Solid or Natural Opal and will not be affected by water.

Oils and face creams will not damage your opal jewellery, but a build-up of these products may reduce its shine and clarity.

Avoid constant abrasives, scrapes or a hard knock as this could possibly damage your opal jewellery.

Most of all…enjoy your opal jewellery.