Opal Earrings DOE477


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These  triplet opal earrings glow with  bright red, turquoise, green, gold and blue colors.

They have that magical way of glowing changing colors as they move and catch the light .

This natural formation of the opal colors allows us to create beautiful unique opal jewelry.

The earrings are set with high quality anti tarnish sterling silver in a drop from a hook design.

The opal earrings come packaged in a gift box.

Opal Earrings Dimensions

The earrings measure 37mm in entire length, with the opals alone measuring 12mm x 10mm.

Caring for your Opal Jewelry

These opal earrings are  made with Triplet Opal

Triplet opal consists of three  layers…….. a thin slice of natural opal attached to a backing with a clear dome on top.

Triplet Opal jewelry should not be constantly immersed in water, and should be removed when swimming and showering.

Avoid constant abrasives, scrapes or a hard knock as this could possibly damage your opal jewelry.

Most of all…enjoy your opal jewelry


In stock


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