These cute triplet opal earrings have glowing green and blue colors

They have that magical way of changing colors as they move and catch the light .

This natural formation of the opal colors allows us to create beautiful unique opal jewelry.

The earrings are set with high quality gold plate over sterling silver

(this is the best wearing gold plate)  in a stud style.

The opal earrings come packaged in a gift box.

Opal Earrings Dimensions

These earrings measure 6mm in diameter.

Caring for your Opal Jewelry

These opal earrings are  made with triplet Opal

Triplet opal consists of three layers…….. a thin slice of natural opal attached to a backing (we use the left over natural boulder) with a quartz cap.

Triplet Opal jewelry should not be constantly immersed in water, and should be removed when swimming and showering.

Avoid constant abrasives, scrapes or a hard knock as this could possibly damage your opal jewelry.

Most of all…enjoy your opal jewelry