This letter knife has been crafted with a Boulder Opal handle and a high-quality stainless-steel blade.

The handle has a polished slightly undulating  surface with heaps of  that natural earthy character that Boulder Opal is known for.

The Boulder opal handle has subtle bursts of pink and green ribbons of colors running through the host rock.

This natural formation of the host rock and opal allows us to create unique pieces.

The Boulder Opal was mined in the Winton area and has been expertly hand shaped and polished by us.

Boulder opal is one of the most versatile opals because it has a huge variety of colors and patterns naturally mixed with iron stone which makes it extremely durable.

The knife comes packaged in a gift box.

A unique gift for the gemstone fan…..

Opal Knife Dimensions

The knife is 20cm in entire length, with the Boulder Opal handle measuring 7cm in length.

Caring for your Boulder Opal Letter Knife

Avoid constant abrasives, scrapes or a hard knock as this could possibly damage your opal.

Please wipe over with a damp cloth if you letter knife becomes soiled, do not put in a dish washer.

Avoid bleach and harsh chemicals.

All gemstones will chip, crack or shatter if hit hard enough or heated long enough, and this goes for all gems – even Diamonds will crack or chip if you hit it with a hammer! – so common sense care will lengthen the life of your opal.