These carved Boulder Opal dolphins have excellent life like detail.

The two dolphins are captured diving from the waves.

Natural opal  has been used for the eyes.

The opal carving highlights the gorgeous natural patterns within the natural chocolate brown ironstone.

This dolphin carving has a highly polished surface  with heaps of that natural character that Boulder Opal is known for.

Boulder Opal is a beautiful and unique opal that has a huge variety of color not found in any other gemstone.

It is a unique form of opal because it is found as a mixture of precious opal and iron stone together.

The Boulder Opal  was mined in the Winton area and has been expertly hand shaped and polished  to highlight the natural beauty of the opal.

This is an excellent showpiece for any gemmologist, collector or opal enthusiast.

Opal Specimen Dimensions

The polished Boulder Opal dolphin carving measures 37mm by 27mm at the base and stands 65mm at the  tallest point.